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What city and state is Forrest from?

Monterey, California
Greenbow, Alabama
Anaheim, California
Galveston, Texas

What was Forrest holding when he taught Elvis how to dance?

A water bottle
A broom
A dustpan
A vacuum cleaner

How fast could Forrest run?

Like a rocket flies.
Like the wind blows.
Like a bird flies.
Like a bullet flies.

What shape was Forrest's back crooked like?

A question mark
A comma
An exclamation mark
A semicolon

What did Jenny pray to turn into?

A feather
A bird
A fish
A puppy

When Forrest was on the All American Football Team, which president did he meet?

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Richard Nixon
Lyndon B. Johnson
John F. Kennedy

When Forrest met his son, what TV show did they watch?

Captain Kangeroo
The Smurfs
Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
Bert and Ernie

Who became a shrimp boat captain?

Forrest Gump
Lt. Dan

Who did Forrest think they were looking for in Vietnam?

A guy named Charlie
A lady named Jenny
A guy named Michael
A lady named Judy

How many mail boxes are at the entrance to Mama's house when Forrest becomes the owner?


“What’s normal anyways?” - Forrest Gump